Are your teachers overworked and underpaid?

  Are your teachers overworked and underpaid? Gemma Gosden 23 February 2017 You might have heard something along these lines in the news this week. You might even looked into it in more detail, especially if it directly affects you. What’s new? The reason it’s in the news this week is because the Government have Read more about Are your teachers overworked and underpaid?[…]

Anne’s gory details

What I remember most about being at school, especially at secondary, was I was waaay too sure of myself. Even though it now makes me cringe, I can remember saying things like ‘I always get what I want’. I thought I was charmingly confident as I soared from one stratospheric success to another. Good grades? Read more about Anne’s gory details[…]

Constant re-inventor in changing life!

  Name: Emma Job title: Photographer What exactly is that? I take photos of people, places, things and then spend an inordinate amount of time on social media trying to publicise it. How did you get there? I left school with 3 really bad A’Levels in French, Spanish and English Lit. I had already been Read more about Constant re-inventor in changing life![…]

Update on Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Update Gemma Gosden 08 February 2017 In the run up to National apprenticeship week 2017 6-10 March 2017 we have had a look at what’s going on in the world of apprenticeships to give you a heads up on upcoming changes. What is an Apprenticeship? Not such a stupid question for those of you Read more about Update on Apprenticeships[…]

Has Gender Stereotyping Changed Your Future Path?

  Has Gender Stereotyping changed your future path? Gemma Gosden 02 February 2017 A recent study published in Science magazine describes how girls start to associate ‘brilliance’ with boys from a young age and how this can have an effect on girls career choices. What’s it all about? Research across four different studies by Lin Read more about Has Gender Stereotyping Changed Your Future Path?[…]