What is a career coach and do you need one?

What is a career coach and do you need one? Gemma Gosden 31 March 2017 Career coaching is a thing. Just like life coaching and mentoring, career coaching has become increasingly popular in the last 30 years or so. It seems now that ‘everyone’ has some variation of a coach and you’re not doing it Read more about What is a career coach and do you need one?[…]

How safe are you online?

How safe are you online? Gemma Gosden 24 March 2017 A few weeks ago we had a pretty serious cyber malfunction at the Girl did Good website. Somehow we had managed to pick up a virus from cyberspace which meant we had to shut down for two weeks to get it all fixed. If you Read more about How safe are you online?[…]

Pole fitness and Aerial Instructor

Name: Dave Job Title: Business Owner What exactly is that? I teach people superhero powers and how to be confident. Basically, I teach pole fitness and aerial arts. Aka circus skills – pole, hoops, silks, trapeze and stretch. How did you get there? I started pole a few years back and was hooked, I then Read more about Pole fitness and Aerial Instructor[…]

What is Feminism?

What is Feminism? Gemma Gosden 08 March 2017 Its International Women’s Day and this year the focus is on closing the gender gap and a “call for gender-balanced leadership; value women and men’s contributions equally; and create inclusive flexible cultures.” #BeBoldForChange The whole idea of IWD got me thinking. What exactly is Feminism? This post Read more about What is Feminism?[…]