3 easy things you can do to increase your productivity now

photo by JP Valery

3 easy things you can do

to increase your productivity now

Gemma Gosden

26 May 2017

Are you currently in revision hell?

Want to get through your revision timetable quicker?

Are you working on a big project at work?

Want to get the job done quicker and better for promotional brownie points?

Personal Productivity Levels

There are loads of ways we slow down our productivity every day without even realising it.

Here are 3 suggestions you can implement right now on how to speed up without messing up.

Increase your output without messing up

  1. Procrastination

We all do it.

Anything from social media to our email inbox to washing the dog.

There’s always something more important to get done and just getting stared can be the hardest part.

Try using a to do list and prioritise individual tasks to help you break it all down into something more doable.

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and tips on how to prioritise

  1. Multitasking

We feel better getting more than one thing done at once, it seems like we’re getting more done in less time.

This isn’t necessarily the case, especially if you’re continuously flipping from one thing to another.

Try concentrating on one thing at a time. Turn off incoming notifications and put your phone on silent to stop you loosing focus.

Use your to do list to go through each item individually and if you must flip, make sure you turn your focus 100% each time.

Take a look at our recent post on Mindfulness for more tips. 

  1. Negative Attitude

Ever heard of Positive Mental Attitude or PMA?

It’s a way of training you to believe you can succeed rather than telling yourself you wont.

Repeatedly giving yourself positive vibes and visualising yourself succeeding at whatever it is you are working on will give you the mental strength to get the job done with a smile on your face.

Just try telling yourself you can do it once in a while and stop with all the negativity.

Visualise your future success

Check out our recent post on visualising your success, an extract from the Girl did Good ebook Life After Lessons.


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