21st December 2016

7 Quick Fire Ways to Cut Your Spending


photo by Fabian Blank

7 Quick Fire Ways to Cut Your Spending

In the Girl did Good ebook Life After Lessons we talk about different types of traditional ways to save money.

But what about if you want to cut down on your spending so you have more to save?

Here are some quick fire methods to save on what you spend you might not have thought about.

Discount Vouchers and Codes

Look for discounts on the things you’ll be doing in the future such as restaurants and days out.

Energy and other Service Providers

Switch energy suppliers every year and shop around for things like car, house and travel insurance and mobile phone providers.

Know the law on TV licences and your TV Packages

According to the TV Licensing website you need a licence to

watch or record live TV programmes on any channel (including BBC)

download or watch any BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand.

This leaves a whole host of ways to not need a TV licence and for more help watch this handy video

Don’t buy bottled drinks and pre packaged food

Take your own. The plastic is harmful to the environment anyway and cost so much more than filling up a coffee mug or flask and cute little lunch box before you leave the house.

Buy Used or Second Hand

Check out second hand book shops and charity shops for a bargain or two, you never know what you might find.

Cook at home

Ditch the take away menu’s and apps and make dinner yourself. TV chefs make it look easy but start with something you can handle and work your way up from there. While you’re at it try to incorporate any food that’s on its way out so you don’t waste it. There are loads of websites where you can type in the ingredients you have and it comes up with a list of different things you can do with it.

Food Shopping

Write a list before you go shopping and never shop when you’re hungry!

Buy own brand or frozen instead of fresh


These are just a few ideas of course there are plenty more to be found if you have the right motivation!

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