A quick word about your options

A quick word about your options

Gemma Gosden

1 June 2017

It’s that time of year again.

The pressure of getting through the exams in one piece as well as getting the right grades is looming over students heads.

Some, will be completely focused on the exams but others will also start to see the reality of whats coming after the exams are over. Maybe their original decisions don’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

To those people and to anyone who has any niggling doubt about their chosen path I want to say this:

If you think you may have made a mistake with your options then try to make a change now or as soon as.

You can always make a change but it’s more difficult and possibly more expensive the further you are down the process.

If you don’t have a clue what you want to do action is better than inaction. At least you’ll be on a path to discover what you don’t want!

If you really can’t decide on what would make you happy then do something to help others be happy.

Do some volunteering with a registered charity. At the end of the day you would still be helping yourself because it looks great on your CV so it’s a win win.

You may want to make a change for one of the following reasons:

  1. You think you’ve chosen the wrong subject/location/career path
  2. When it comes down to it you put no actual research into your application/choices and now you actually think about it and your future path is on the horizon you’re not sure what you decided is such a good idea.

Don’t change your mind if its something you really want to do but youre feeling out of your depth or the subject is too hard for you – its good to be out of your confort zone every now and then and that’s no reason not to go for it.

Let me add this for you to think about:

  • There is no shame in doing re-takes if it means you could get what you want. It’ll just take a bit longer.
  • There is no shame in taking a year out of education to figure out what it is you want by getting some work experience or even life experience and doing some travelling. If you think it’ll help?
  • There is no shame in following your own path while others go in opposite directions to you.

Try thinking about it this way:

Once you start life in the ‘real world’ you will be there for approximately the next 45ish years. A year out before you get stuck in could be the difference between building a life you enjoy or a life half lived.

What would you prefer?

Read about Jade on our Day in the life of page

She felt the pressure and got started on a career she really wasn’t sure about.

She spent a year being miserable as a result.

This spurred her on to make change to something she really loves and hasn’t looked back since!

Read her inspiring story.


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