Be a Trailblazer

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Be a trailblazer   

Gemma Gosden

07 April 2017

What does the term trailblazer mean to you?

Technically speaking it’s a person who makes new tracks, someone who is the first to do something, aka an innovator.

Is there anything left to do that’s ‘new’?

So much has been done before us right?

What is left to do that’s new?

I don’t think the term trailblazer should be defined as that rigid.

I think it counts as anything that’s out of the ordinary, something that’s a bit off the beaten track or something that not everyone would have the courage to do like:

  • Moving to a new country or new county even
  • Running your own business or being self employed
  • Designing, making and and selling your own products
  • Writing a novel
  • Taking a part time job so you can make time to work on your side project

Who’s doing it right now?

Think of all those insta accounts you follow where they’re selling their own range of clothes or cosmetics, or the self made business woman who is always posting images of the places she’s travelling to whilst earning her living online?

It takes a lot of courage to break away from the crowd as well as hard work but there are loads of women out there doing it and you could be a trailblazer too!


Think ‘outside the box’

If my education experience was anything to go by we are all brought up to learn enough to go on to get a ‘proper’ job. Ultimately the goal is to have a boss, and a 9-5, 40 hour week contract to sign.

But what if we thought a little outside the box?

What if we redefined what a ‘proper job’ means?

What if we’re not lucky enough to get a proper job in the first place?

The employment market is tough. More and more companies are using zero hours or fixed term contracts to protect themselves. That doesn’t give you much job security or motivation to climb the ladder.

Create your own job

This has lead more and more people to create a job for themselves and as a result have realised there is more to it than a need to pay the bills.

Try taking our quick quiz to find out if it’s for you.

So what do you want?

Is that what you want? Yes the idea of a comfortable monthly salary is attractive but could you stand the monotony of the Monday to Friday?

The idea of doing something slightly different isn’t necessarily the easy option. You wont automatically receive full company benefits or a pension and it’s definitely not guaranteed to make you a fortune.

BUT it will keep you challenged on a daily basis and give you more options in terms of the way you live your life and how all the pieces of your life link together.

How far you get depends on the passion you have for what you do and how determined you are to meet your goals and ambitions.


Are you interested in learning more about how you could create you own proper job?

Use the downloadable worksheets on our freebies page to help you on your way or contact us for more info.


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