Sex Educator

Name: Kait Job title: Sex Educator What exactly is that? I educate women & couples about their bodies & how to be better communicators. I also help them let go of societal expectations and pressures about what their bodies, relationships, & intimate lives “should” look like. I do this through writing, teaching workshops, & 1:1 Read more about Sex Educator[…]

Wife to 6 and mother to 590

Name: Annette Job title: Operations Manager What exactly is that? I run a large student halls in Bournemouth managing a team of 8 and looking out for 590 students most of who are 18. How did you get there? I spent years working in hospitality as I come from Bournemouth so tourism is big. Worked Read more about Wife to 6 and mother to 590[…]


Name: Jade Job title: Student What exactly is that? I’m a student at university How did you get there? I was just preparing myself to leave secondary school to move on to sixth form or college. Like most people that age I didn’t really have a clue what career path I wanted to take. The Read more about Performer[…]


Name: Erika Job title: Head of creative and performing arts / small business owner. What exactly is that? I am a teacher and head of faculty. I also run my own creative business. How did you get there? I did a degree followed by teacher training. I then became a mum and decided to give my Read more about Entrepreneur[…]

Pole fitness and Aerial Instructor

Name: Dave Job Title: Business Owner What exactly is that? I teach people superhero powers and how to be confident. Basically, I teach pole fitness and aerial arts. Aka circus skills – pole, hoops, silks, trapeze and stretch. How did you get there? I started pole a few years back and was hooked, I then Read more about Pole fitness and Aerial Instructor[…]

Constant re-inventor in changing life!

  Name: Emma Job title: Photographer What exactly is that? I take photos of people, places, things and then spend an inordinate amount of time on social media trying to publicise it. How did you get there? I left school with 3 really bad A’Levels in French, Spanish and English Lit. I had already been Read more about Constant re-inventor in changing life![…]


Name: Lindsay Job Title: Professor in environment and development What exactly is that? I work as a professor at a University in Leeds in the north of England. I’m involved in doing new research on environment and development issues, as well as lecturing to students studying for their degrees. How did you get there? I Read more about Professor[…]

Positive Psychology Author

Name: Amba Job Title: Author What exactly is that? I create books about finding our path in todays world. My goal is to normalise the anxieties through major life transitions and support readers using positive and practical tools. How did you get there? I’ve always loved writing and personal development, however in high school I never Read more about Positive Psychology Author[…]


  Name: Awele Job Title: Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist and Trainer What exactly is that? I help people to regain skills they may have lost through illness or disability. When working with people in the workplace, my role is about helping people to work as efficiently and independently as possible despite the prevailing (health) issue. How did Read more about Trainer[…]

Digital Connoisseur

  Name: Marianna Job Title: Vice President of eCommerce DKNY What exactly is that? I am accountable and responsible for the entire DKNY online business How did you get there? I always knew I wanted to be in fashion but not a designer, I loved art and history when I was younger but I chose to do Read more about Digital Connoisseur[…]