Celebrate in style (and on a budget)


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Celebrate in style and on a budget

Gemma Gosden

21 July 2017

Woah! Where have the last 6 months gone?!?

The academic year is done and people are in celebratory mode all over the place. Yay! Good times ahead, amazing memories to cherish forever.

Celebrate your freedom, celebrate the summer – just celebrate!

While the wait for results day sets in what can you do to celebrate your freedom without a massive amount of money?

If budget isn’t an issue for you then great, go crazy!

Looking after the pennies…

For those of us (not just students!!) who do have to watch the pennies, Girl did Good have come up with some simple ideas on how you can celebrate in style without getting into debt.

Invest in experiences instead of things to make awesome memories.

Years later when you’re reminiscing over a glass of wine or something with old friends, it’s the things you did and the adventures you had and the funny stories that came from them that you’ll be more interested in remembering.

So what will you be getting up to this summer? Here are some ideas for you…

8 Things you can do to celebrate in style and on a budget

1. Volunteer at a festival

If you volunteer your time, you will be rewarded with free entry. Awesome.

2. Voucher codes/Groupon/lastminute.com etc

If you have the time to look you will find some cool stuff with decent discounts for things like spa days and holidays Experiences such as trampoline parks, fairgrounds, paintballing – the list is endless.

3. Share a villa/holiday home

Get a group of you together to go and cut the cost.

4. Arrange a private party

Everyone knows someone who can help out / contribute from finding a suitable space to the perfect DJ/band.

5. Day trips/staycation

Everyone gets a choice. When was the last time you explored the area you live in for free/cheap things to do?

6. DIY pamper/makeover day

Take everything to a friends house. Do face packs, paint your nails, generally let your hair down.

7. Picnic at the park/beach

Take a picnic and save the cost of expensive beach side restaurants and café’s. Go crazy and make it an occasion with a fancy tablecloth, balloons, dress up – make it special!

8. Save up!!

If there is something really special you have your eye on then do it the old fashioned way and save up before you buy.

It makes the actual purchase so much more special and memorable and you get a sense of achievement from it because its all yours and you did it yourself.

Have an awesome summer!!

We hope some of these ideas have sewn a seed for you.

Whatever you get up to this summer, it’ll be over in a flash.

Enjoy and be safe!

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