The second daughter of King Ptolemy XII and the last to reign from her dynasty

She came to power in 51BC at 17 years old and was married to her eldest brother, Ptolemy XIII who then tried to kill her to seize power for himself

This happened at the same time as Caeser’s rivalry with Pompey in Rome. As the two battles merged the outcome was a beheaded Pompey and a drowned Ptolemy

Now the undisputed ruler of Eygpt, Cleopatra used her legendary skills in astronomy, languages, physics and alchemy to persue Caesar for a share of Rome’s world military power

They formed a professional and personal relationship combining Rome’s power and Egypt’s riches and they had a son together

When Caesar was assassinated she fled Rome and turned her attention to Mark Anthony who she would eventually marry and have 3 more children

Cleopatra and Mark Anthony together had poor judgement which led to the end of Eygpt’s reign of independence in 30BC

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