Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Born May 12, 1820 Florence, Italy

Her family were wealthy Brits and keen to climb the social ladder

Florence disliked big social gatherings and preferred to help the local people in the village next to her family estate instead

At 16 her parents refused to let her enrol as a student nurse because it wasn’t socially acceptable

She turned down a marriage proposal the following year and against her parents wishes finally enrolled on a nursing course

Her first nursing job was at a hospital in Middlesex and she did so well she was quickly promoted

She was asked to take her skills to the Crimea War and became known as “the Angel of the Crimea” and “the Lady with the Lamp” as she did her evening rounds with a lamp in hand

She reformed the health and hygiene practices of her day and made nursing an honourable vocation. This was a huge thing for a woman of these times.

She also established St Thomas’ Hospital and the nurses school there

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