Getting ready for work – Ofsted November 2016

Ofsted press release Nov 2016 - Girl did Good

Getting ready for work

Gemma Gosden

29 November 2016

Ofsted have spoken. Career advice and getting ready for life after school isn’t good enough in the majority of schools today.

But what’s new?!?

Didn’t most of us struggle to find the info we didn’t know we needed from our school?

What’s it all about?

On closer inspection, the ‘Getting ready for work’ report is the result of an investigation Ofsted have conducted on the back of some earlier research called Enterprise for All in 2014.

The goal here is to discover how secondary schools in the UK make sure their pupils are employable when they leave school and how they make pupils aware of all the available options during their time at the school if at all.

Key Findings

Key findings basically indicated that schools who were more successful in this area had Headteachers or influential people high up who are passionate about the subject and encouraged their school to prioritise career pathfinding and action plans to work towards this goal.

Lets face it, in a world where good grade tables are all that matters why should schools do exactly what they are actually really all about – teaching pupils in a way that helps them to get ready for work and get a job when they leave school?!?

The schools only have so much time to teach the curriculum to a standard that will ensure the majority get good or passable grades and this is something I feel caused my career path to go veering off in the directions it did.

My secondary school was so intent on leavers going to university I had no clue there were any other viable options. Granted this was in a time before the good ol’ internet but it’s why I’m so passionate about this subject now.

Girl did Good is here to help!

School should be about preparing you for life on the other side, setting you up with skills you’ll need to get by as an ‘adult’ and not necessarily about achieving good grades. So until there is more cohesion and clarity in the system, Girl did Good is here to help fill that void.

We offer no-nonsense, reliable info on what’s really out there and how to manage and learn from it in your own way and we have lots of helpful resources for you to dive into right now!

We would love for you to come join us!!!

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