Why it’s a good idea to take a break sometimes


Why it’s a good idea to take a break sometimes

Gemma Gosden

09 December 2016

Its completely possible to burn out on anything you do. Even the stuff you’re really, 100% in love with and passionate about can be a bit much sometimes.

Working too hard?

I was desperately working towards my self imposed deadline for the Girl did Good ebook a couple of weeks ago when I thought back to my recent post about mindfulness.

So I stopped and asked myself: Was I focused – er yes – I’ve had a one track mind for the last few weeks – so much to get done! Was I paying attention? Most definitely. Was I present? In a word. No.

My mind was constantly on finishing the first ever Girl did Good product. Im excited about it but maybe too much – I haven’t looked up from my computer for weeks and now it’s nearly Christmas!!

What I did next

Dislodging my deadline from everything I took a week off from the project. I went to a couple of Christmas do’s, met some new people and took some time off to reflect on where I was with everything in general and it worked a treat.

I came back, re read the last draft, found LOADS wrong with it and got back down to the grind stone. But I also bought a few Christmas presents and made sure I was still enjoying the run up to the festivities.

Realise it’s all getting too much

Sometimes it’s really hard to keep all those balls in the air at once and something has to give if you don’t let it. If its ever possible to recognise you’re doing too much or getting crazy over the smallest of things the best thing you can do is take a break. However long or short and whatever you do, give yourself a moment or two to chill to let your brain and body relax.

And when you get back into it you may find something you couldn’t figure out now just ‘clicks’ in your head or you find inspiration where you were lacking before.

We definitely need to be kinder to ourselves and each other, especially this time of year.

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