On Being Grateful – The Jar of Awesome

On Being Grateful – The Jar of Awesome

Gemma Gosden

30 December 2016

Im rubbish with New Year’s Resolutions but this year I decided to try something a bit different.

Every time something good happened this year I wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it into my Jar of Awesome. (AKA a glass jar).

What is it?

The idea is you collect all these good things on paper through out the year in a jar or box or whatever and on New Year’s Eve you open it up and read through them all.

You basically use it as a way of remembering all the great things that happened to you, or the great things you did or any little thing you thought was pretty cool you wanted to remember about your year.

Be Grateful for What you Have

One of the main reasons I decided to do it was because I think it’s a great way to be reminded of all the good things in your life and be grateful for them instead of being negative about what you don’t have.

So instead of going into the New Year thinking how the previous year really sucked, you can start the New Year thinking, wow, even though loads of rubbish things happened it was still a really great year.

Plan Ahead to Make your Year Even Better

This way you have all those great things at the forefront of your mind and with a bit of thought and planning you might even be able to top it and do even better next year!

Why don’t you give the jar of Awesome a go? It’s super easy and you’ll be surprised how many great things you have forgotten about.

Have an awesome New Year!!!


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