How to get started on a mammoth task

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How to get started on a mammoth task

Gemma Gosden

28 April 2017

So last week I talked about how to create your own job and we had some great feedback – thank you : )

I wanted to follow that on with a subject I love.

Getting and being organised.

It’s not always easy but I can’t live my life unless I’m organised!

Especially if there’s a huge task ahead.

I was the same during exam periods, setting up revision time tables and actually doing revision.

When it came to starting my own business I approached it in exactly the same way.


Sometimes, just thinking about such a huge task can be enough to make you want to go and clean the bathroom, or your bedroom or whatever.

The point is, no matter what fancy stationary you have, or colourful templates on your laptop the task is still the same. BIG.

A different approach

Think about it this way instead.

What if you broke that one huge thing down into lots of smaller tasks to create a ‘to do’ list?

You could then tackle each one individually and work in sprints instead of running a marathon.

If you’re anything like me you will then tick each one off as you go just because you can.

Maybe even work in a little reward for completing each item?

So for example for your English revision, break it down into individual books/subjects and then into individual subject matter.

For the business start up newbie make a list of all the individual tasks you need to find out about such as tax, payroll, insurance etc.

Project Management

It’s all about making sure you get the job done and have covered everything you need to.

You don’t want to be the one person who didn’t revise that one thing that came up in the exam!

Basically you’re managing a project and there are loads of software/websites out there that help you identify your tasks and help you track progress.

Asana is one but if you don’t fancy paying for something like this just using a simple spreadsheet will help you just as well.

Are there any priorities?

Make sure you work in order of importance if you have priorities.

This will help reduce that anxious voice in the back of your head that’s constantly reminding you of things that should have been done last week already.

Don’t forget

This could all go on your CV as well. See our free downloadable worksheet on identifying your existing skills & talents

This kind of organisation is a life skill and is transferrable into so many different areas of life.

Employers also want to know that you can organise yourself and get the job done.

Be Mindful

While you’re working stay focused and present. This will help you get a lot more done a lot quicker.

Paying attention to what you’re doing. No distractions. Keep all email / social media notifications turned off while you’re working.

Be kind to yourself. Recognising when you’re not retaining any more info and know you need a break.

You’ll be a lot more productive this way instead of trying to slog on to the end of the hour or chapter.

Have a look at our recent post on Mindfulness and how it can help you.

Get Comfy

Make sure you’re comfy when you work. Not so much that you fall asleep but so you don’t tire yourself out from sitting in an awkward position.

Learn how to relax properly

When you do take breaks make sure you do something that really takes your mind off what you’ve been doing. That way you can go back to it feeling refreshed ad like you’ve had a proper break.

Eg go for a walk, do some exercise, see a friend, read a book for fun, listen to music, play an instrument.

We have loads more useful ideas like these in our GDG Life After Lessons ebook. It’s available now so check it out!

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