How to think big


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How to think big

Gemma Gosden

28 January 2017

Following on from our post about making goals for the year ahead I got to thinking about how big those goals actually are and how to think big in terms of what we should be reaching for in the first place.

I said that this year I was really thinking big and I really am compared to previous years but what actually makes a goal ‘big’?

I want to be an Astronaut

We covered the idea of making sure your goals aren’t out of this world already e.g I want to be an astronaut sort of level so that you’re just disappointed when you don’t achieve them and never set yourself a goal ever again but I don’t want that to stop you from reaching for the moon.

Take another look…

So, revisit your list of goals for the year (why not try our handy free chart) and think:

  • Have you sold yourself too short?
  • Were you thinking big enough?

Having goals to reach for in the first place is really cool but could you have set your sights just a tiny bit higher?

So for example if you want to learn to drive and you just put down ‘pass my theory test’ maybe you should go for the whole thing and aim to be driving your own car by the end of the year.

Or If you’re doing exams this year instead of putting ‘pass’ on your list of goals you should put ‘pass with flying colours’.

Set yourself up to achieve and you never know – you might just make it and if you don’t then you have your original ideas to fall back on. But just think. What if you do it?!?

Self Depreciation

We tend to put ourselves down too much, especially us girls.

We’re afraid of failure or the competition or what people would say or looking stupid instead of having the confidence to say ‘you know what, I can do this!’ and reaching for our maximum potential.

We always look back fondly on the times we did something no matter how it turns out “at least I gave it a go” and regret the times we didn’t do something “if only I had done that” so why not give it a shot and see what happens.

What is the worst that could happen?

Break it down

Just because something looks unachievable on the face of it doesn’t mean it is once it’s broken down into smaller steps. That’s what can make the difference between reaching for the moon and the stars and actually getting there. Our free downloadable chart can help you do that.

So for example the driving thing could be broken down into the following items:

  • Get provisional licence
  • Find a good driving instructor and start lessons
  • Study for Theory Test
  • Take Theory Test
  • Take Practical Test
  • Apply for full licence
  • Buy car / borrow car form parents
  • Get insurance
  • DRIVE!!!!!!

Each of those items are completely achievable on their own and doable in a year.

There are plenty of people out there who set their minds to achieve something and do it so what makes you so different for all of those other people?

They knew what they wanted and figured out a plan to achieve it and went for it.

How do I Think Big?

It’s easy to look at other people’s goals and immediately see how it could be achieved. When it’s your own hopes and dreams it can be more difficult to really pin it down.

After writing down a list of things you want to achieve read through it and think to yourself:

Am I selling myself too short?

Try to see beyond your actual want or goal. Could you stretch yourself further and aim even higher? Visualise what could be beyond your initial thoughts and really look towards the other side of what you see as ‘normal’.

What is your current attitude towards that want or goal? Are you thinking negatively because you’re stuck in a rut or are you constantly focused towards that thing you want and thinking positive happy thoughts about it. Negative vibes will get you nowhere.

How important is this want or goal or do you really want something more?

Realise there are steps involved in reaching your goal instead of looking at it as one giant ‘thing’. Break it down.

Remember that what your best mate wants is probably completely different to what you want and that’s ok.

Everyone is Different

My goals for this year really came out of thinking about where I want to be in the next couple of years and my goals for the next couple of years really are aiming high.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed I have taken this year to create the foundations on where I’ll hopefully be by then so watch this space!

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