Is it possible to put enthusiasm into something you dislike?

photograph by Tim Gouw

Is it possible to put enthusiasm into something you dislike?

Gemma Gosden

23 Jue 2017

Following on from our post last week about preventing burnout we got to thinking about enthusiasm and having a positive attitude about what you’re working towards.

So we asked ourselves:

Is it possible to be enthusiastic and feel positive about doing something you intensely dislike.

Or at best are not happy about having to do?

At some point in our professional lives we’re likely to end up doing something we don’t want to do.

It’s all part of paying our dues and climbing the career ladder.

Exams, working late, bosses, colleagues etc. Usually these things are a stepping stone to something bigger and better and that’s where we want to be.

Uni, a promotion, hitting a goal personal or professional it’s all leading us somewhere.

You can usually see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand why it would make sense to just get on with it and get the job done.

You’re getting something in return even if it sucks in the short term.

But what if you find yourself doing something that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll take you somewhere, or you no longer want to be where it’s going?

It would be easier to give up right?

Easier to draw a line under it and start something new but you know its in your best interests to:

Just. Keep Going.

How can you push through the pain barrier and achieve that goal?

If you can inject some positivity into your every day life it could do the trick.

It could just help to keep you going.

Plan out some rewards for achieving certain achievable targets on your priorities list

Make a plan to reward yourself

Make a list of how you will reward yourself along each step of the way. It’ll give you lots to look forward to.

It doesn’t have to be expensive stuff, anything that makes you happy and keeps that positivity going.

Even something like our 7 day challenge could help you see the positive side to what you’re doing right now. It’s free, even better!!

Being miserable sucks

It’s no fun being miserable, so making an effort to stay positive could help you get through and could even help you to achieve your goal faster or better!

It won’t be easy

I’m not saying it would be easy, in fact it probably won’t be to start off with.

Keep at it and soon enough you’ll get into the habit and it’ll become like an auto pilot.

It will make it’s way into your every day life and you wont even notice you’re doing it anymore.

Give it a try 

What have you got to loose?!?

Be your most positive self in the attempt to remove the pain of your current targets and you’ll find the enthusiasm will follow.


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