21st December 2016

Reward Yourself for Free!


photo by Antonia Bukowska

Reward Yourself for Free!

Reward yourself (you know you deserve it!) Make your mind and body happy by releasing the happy hormone oxitosin which is also known to reduce fear.

Following on from Katie’s recent post on making yourself truly happy, this post look’s at rewarding yourself and how it can contribute towards helping you get happy.

The ‘Happy Hormone’

Did you know that rewarding yourself helps to release the ‘happy hormone’ oxitosin? Its basically a posh word for that feeling you get when you’re happy about something.

Its fleeting –  it won’t last forever which is why the happiness you felt last weekend after buying that perfect skirt soon fades leaving you wanting more retail therapy.

Personal Reward System

Companies everywhere are doing it to reel us in. Get x for doing y, collects points for prizes or get a few cuddly toy when you buy this insurance. So why not integrate a reward system for yourself? It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing, in fact there is loads of stuff you can do for free that could have the same effect and save you some pennies.

From what I can tell it’s more about showing yourself some love in a constructive way. It helps you feel better about yourself, doesn’t break the bank but still gives you that hit of ‘happy hormones’.

Freebie Ideas

  1. Social media – apparently having some social time will have the desired effect.
  2. Hot bath – light some candles, find those bath salts you got for Christmas and thought you would never use. Go crazy!
  3. Give someone a hug
  4. Have a clear out and give some stuff to charity – this one hits two birds with one stone. You’ll feel great because of the clear out and then super great because you’re helping a worthy cause.
  5. Laugh – read a funny book, watch a silly sitcom or film. Its all good.
  6. Take a walk – get some fresh air
  7. Loving kindness (send out kind thoughts) Think about people you know and love and send good thoughts out to them. Simple.
  8. Read a book – find a comfy space and indulge in a few hours reading.
  9. Volunteer at a festival – this is actually do-able if festivals are you’re thing. Google it and you’ll find loads of links
  10. Exercise – at the gym at a sports event, whatever works for you.
  11. Random Act of Kindness – Exactly as it reads. Go out there and do some random acts of kindness for strangers.
  12. Colouring in – yes that’s right – so many options out there these days but you can do it for free online or design your own.
  13. Have a lie in / sleep more – so worth it. Or even just a 20 minute nap is good.
  14. Visit the beach – The sound of the sea can be extremely therapeutic.
  15. Have a movie night/day at home – rake out all those dvd’s you bought ages ago and actually watch some of them.
  16. Have a spa day at home
  17. Go through all your photos
  18. Get a free pass to a local gym
  19. Bake something yummie
  20. Call someone on the phone and catch up

All of these things are just ideas obviously – the sky is the limit really, it just takes a quick search online to find lots more.

The idea is this. Set yourself a target or goal and when you achieve it, set one of your rewards into motion. It’ll be something for you to look forward to and will mean even more because you earned it.


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