Sex Educator

Name: Kait

Job title: Sex Educator

What exactly is that?

  • I educate women & couples about their bodies & how to be better communicators. I also help them let go of societal expectations and pressures about what their bodies, relationships, & intimate lives “should” look like. I do this through writing, teaching workshops, & 1:1 counseling.

How did you get there?

  • I stumbled into this field my senior year of college when a friend’s cousin started selling adult products through an in-home sales company (like Thirty One, MaryKay, or Avon). I was working 5 jobs to put myself through school and figured, “why not try it out?” Very quickly I realized that my peers at my conservative, Catholic college were DESPERATE for information! I taught myself as much as I could and eventually returned to get a master’s in public health with a focus on health education & communication.

Tell us about a day in your life:

  • I wake up, meditate, and do my physical therapy exercises while listening to the Happier podcast (my fave!). Then I cuddle my dog for a few minutes (or until he scrambles off my lap – we’re still working on it!), make eggs & toast or a protein smoothie for breakfast, and do some reading or TV watching while I eat. From there I start working – check email + my planner, decide on the most important tasks for the day, and get to work. It’s usually a mix of writing (blog posts, social media updates, etc), filming (insta stories, facebook live, vlogs), and client work (usually more writing to be honest). Around 12:30 I take the dog out for a walk, have lunch – leftovers from the night before – and, yup! read or watch TV while I eat. I work till around 5:30 when it’s time to take Pogo out again, and then often head out for the evening to lead an event, attend one, or see friends. My beau comes home around 7, we cook, eat together, have family time with the pup, and then go to sleep around midnight. Twice a week I have physical therapy in the morning so I get up, exercise, eat and go to that. Every Thursday my friend Rebecca, a romance novelist, and I co-work for a few hours at a local coffeeshop, and I usually head out to a coffeeshop once or twice on my own just to mix it up. I also have a LOT of mid-day dance parties in my living room to “shake it out” in between working.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

  • There’s never a dull moment! Sometimes I get really meta and look at a professional conversation I had like, “wait did I really just talk about x with my CLIENT…from a coffeeshop?” Yes, yes I did!

What’s the one thing you would change if you could?

  • The taboo around sex & pleasure. It adds one more layer of challenge to doing my work, from being restricted on advertising (Facebook keeps offering me $10 to promote a post and then says, “OH WAIT we can’t boost this) to event organizers not wanting to talk about “that.”

What did you want to do for a living when you were at school?

  • I wanted to be a doctor.

Tell us about one thing you were insecure about when you were at school.

  • I was always insecure about my body and my way of handling it ultimately wasn’t healthy. In grad school my disordered eating turned into a full blown eating disorder and I’ve spent the last 5 years working through recovery. What I’ve learned is that our conversations around self-love really need to expand more…and that dessert every night is definitely a good thing.

What advice would you give to yourself at 18 if you could:

  • Don’t let others hold you back. If you want to do even more or go deeper with the work you do, DO IT. Oh! and – when you start noticing that you don’t heal from injuries, push your healthcare providers to look into it more deeply.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

  • Read romance novels, cook (I’ve been a recipe tester for 6 cookbooks!), and cuddle – with my dog or my partner.

Tell us the title of the most recent book you read:

Tell us about one beauty tip you have learned:

  • BE GENTLE! I always though my skin was oily & acne-prone when in reality it was super sensitive. Instead of harsh cleansers, I needed gentle, moisturizing ones. This also goes to how you wash your skin. Oh and if you are still struggling with skin issues, try giving up dairy. It worked miracles for me.

Please share a money tip you have learned:

  • Divide up your savings 3 ways: short-term for things you want to buy (eg new computer); long-term, for your future; and an Oh Shit! fund for emergencies. Replenish the last one when you use it (because you will).

What life lessons have you learned?

  • Don’t take life too seriously, even as an adult. Laugh at “immature” jokes (as long as they aren’t sexist, racist, homophobic, etc), dance in the rain & jump in puddles, let out a primal scream when you’re angry. There’s a lot of serious shit out there so let the rest be pleasurable.

Tell us about your most recent purchase for $25 or under

  • A plug-in for my website that’ll save me lots of time (and aggravation) and help it be prettier!

How can people get in touch with you for more info? (18+) @PassionbyKait on Instagram & Facebook

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