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Spend more time in the wild - Girl Did Good with Song Thrush Productions

Spend more time in the wild!

Abbie Barnes

03 August 2016

Following Katie’s recent post on how to make yourself happy, GDG have found a true aficionado on how spending time outside can help achieve this.

Here is an introduction to our newest contributor at GDG. Check out her website at Song Thrush Productions for more info.

Growing Up

I have been passionate about the outdoors from a young age. Over the years my love of being outside has made me an enthusiastic long-distance backpacker, traditional archer, trail runner, climber, dog-lover and much more.

I am also a trained mountain leader, qualified PADI Open Water Diver and fitness instructor, and experienced bushcraft instructor.

Making Films

I started to use film as a method to highlight key environmental messages at the age of 15. My first short film about the devastating effects of palm oil production won a place in a national competition.

This gave me the opportunity to speak to MEPs in European Parliament about the importance of labelling the ingredient to help the general public make informed choices.

Since then, my work has gained national and international recognition. I have been fortunate enough to produce films for companies and events of all shapes and sizes, from the United Nations and Jurassic Coast UNESCO team, to town councils and educational charities.

Production Company

In late 2012 I established my production company Song Thrush Productions. I currently produce every aspect of my work, from research, script writing, filming, presenting and editing.  Its hard work but I love it!

One of my most exciting projects to date involved ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro to produce ‘Climb For Climate Action’. This was a full-length feature documentary that discussed the effects of global climate change on the mountains glaciers, endemic wildlife species, local people, and tourism industry. The film was screened at the Paris Climate Meetings in 2015 (COP21).

Current Focus

I am now a 20-year-old semi-professional filmmaker, presenter, and adventurer specialising in promotional shorts, wildlife conservation and expedition-style films. In addition to this, I also have a place at university this year to study Physical Geography.

My current core goal is to encourage my audience to ‘Spend More Time In The Wild’. I hope you will enjoy unforgettable experiences that might enhance your appreciation of natural surroundings and create a desire to protect it for generations to come of course!

I have also been developing strategies to communicate the importance of spending time outdoors for physical and emotional wellbeing. I’ll expand on this theme in the future too.

Protect our Natural Environment

Through every aspect of my work, be it film, radio, photography or public speaking I aim to emphasise my genuine belief the decisions we make today about how we live, will, and do influence people across the planet and of course, future generations. Our every action counts, not matter how big or small.

It is crucial we habitually consider our potential impact so we can make alterations where required. We need to act now if we are to halt the increasingly apparent obliteration to the natural world around us. I am responsible, you are responsible; we are all responsible for taking action.

Other Interests

Finally, aside from filmmaking and my other outdoor pursuits I am a journeying Christian currently discovering my true value in Christ, and cherish time spent with my new Church family.

Song Thrush Productions

Spend more time in the wild and you will get to know a better, braver, and more exciting version of yourself.


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