Sex Educator

Name: Kait Job title: Sex Educator What exactly is that? I educate women & couples about their bodies & how to be better communicators. I also help them let go of societal expectations and pressures about what their bodies, relationships, & intimate lives “should” look like. I do this through writing, teaching workshops, & 1:1 Read more about Sex Educator[…]

Celebrate in style (and on a budget)

  Celebrate in style and on a budget Gemma Gosden 21 July 2017 Woah! Where have the last 6 months gone?!? The academic year is done and people are in celebratory mode all over the place. Yay! Good times ahead, amazing memories to cherish forever. Celebrate your freedom, celebrate the summer – just celebrate! While Read more about Celebrate in style (and on a budget)[…]

Is it possible to put enthusiasm into something you dislike?

Is it possible to put enthusiasm into something you dislike? Gemma Gosden 23 Jue 2017 Following on from our post last week about preventing burnout we got to thinking about enthusiasm and having a positive attitude about what you’re working towards. So we asked ourselves: Is it possible to be enthusiastic and feel positive about Read more about Is it possible to put enthusiasm into something you dislike?[…]

Preventing burnout

Preventing Burnout Gemma Gosden 16 June 2017 This week we’ve been thinking about how worry and anxiety can cause burnout and how to prevent this from happening. If you missed it, check out last weeks post on How to stop worrying. How to stop worrying and start living So what if you can’t help but Read more about Preventing burnout[…]

How to stop worrying

How to stop worrying Gemma Gosden 9 June 2017 Worrying and Anxiety can have a huge impact on a persons’ life. It seems like we are only just beginning to scratch the surface in knowing what it means to be mentally or emotionally unwell and what kind of effect this can have on our physical Read more about How to stop worrying[…]

A quick word about your options

A quick word about your options Gemma Gosden 1 June 2017 It’s that time of year again. The pressure of getting through the exams in one piece as well as getting the right grades is looming over students heads. Some, will be completely focused on the exams but others will also start to see the reality Read more about A quick word about your options[…]