Crime Scene Manager

  Name: Abigail Job Title: Crime Scene Manager What exactly is that? I work for the police and my role has 3 main aspects. I attend crime scenes with a view to locating, preserving and recovering forensic evidence; I am responsible for developing & managing the forensic recovery strategy at major crime scenes; and I Read more about Crime Scene Manager[…]

Headteacher and Mother

Name: Julie Job Title: Headteacher What exactly is that? Senior management within a school How did you get there? I was raised on a very rough council estate in Derby. I always enjoyed school and always did well academically. When I was 16 my parents moved us to another town and half way through my Read more about Headteacher and Mother[…]


Name: Helen Job title: Full time Mummy What exactly is that? A woman who looks after her children and home rather than going out to work How did you get there? My career before children was in the world of Charity, where I enjoyed a ten year career in fundraising management. Like any job, it Read more about Mother[…]

Stay at home Mum/Housewife

Name: Alison Job Title: Mother What exactly is that? I take care of my two children and the household full time How did you get there? Well, this is a job where no qualifications are necessary. No school, college or university (and I studied at all three) can prepare you for becoming a parent. The Read more about Stay at home Mum/Housewife[…]


Name: Serap Job Title: I’m a full time mum What exactly is that? I look after my 1 year old daughter, and have taken an extended break from paid work to do so. How did you get there? I met my husband when I was 30, we married when I was 33, and at 36 I Read more about Mother[…]