Name: Erika Job title: Head of creative and performing arts / small business owner. What exactly is that? I am a teacher and head of faculty. I also run my own creative business. How did you get there? I did a degree followed by teacher training. I then became a mum and decided to give my Read more about Entrepreneur[…]

Girl did Good E-book Launch Giveaway

The Girl did Good E-book is finally launching at the beginning of Feb and we’re so excited about it we’ve decided to do a giveaway to celebrate. Life after Lessons the new Girl did Good E-book. ‘Life after Lessons’ has lots of info to help kick start a new phase in your life such as Read more about Girl did Good E-book Launch Giveaway[…]

Retail Merchandiser

Name: Helen Job Title: Retail Merchandiser What exactly is that? I work for a company who employ people (merchandisers) to offer retail solutions. This means that I go into different shops and supermarkets to set up promotions and displays and do the tasks that the staff who work in these stores are deemed unable to do. I work on an Read more about Retail Merchandiser[…]