Name: Lindsay Job Title: Professor in environment and development What exactly is that? I work as a professor at a University in Leeds in the north of England. I’m involved in doing new research on environment and development issues, as well as lecturing to students studying for their degrees. How did you get there? I Read more about Professor[…]


Name: Diane Job Title: Superwoman What exactly is that Teaching students the beauty and value of the English Language and Literature How did you get there? Blood, sweat, hard work and tears Describe a typical day in your life for us Get up, drink tea, shower, get dresses, put face on. Drive to work. Teach, Read more about Teacher[…]

Working in Schools

Name: Claire Job Title: Teaching Assistant What exactly is that? I work in an Infant School with ages 5-7. I support the teachers and pupils and have many different duties day to day. How did you get there? I spent my teenage years volunteering in a theatre. From here I got my first professional job Read more about Working in Schools[…]