Name: Diane

Job Title: Superwoman

What exactly is that

Teaching students the beauty and value of the English Language and Literature

How did you get there?

Blood, sweat, hard work and tears

Describe a typical day in your life for us

Get up, drink tea, shower, get dresses, put face on. Drive to work. Teach, smoke, drink more tea. Mark books (sometimes). Go home, cook dinner, put the kettle on (more tea) put the washing on. Sit down, mark more books and assessments. Watch some telly. Bath, shower then go to to bed.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

I survive

What would you change if you could?

The way I manage my time

What did you want to do for a living when you were at school?

Never really knew

Tell us about something you were insecure about when you were at school

My whole being

What advice would you give yourself at 18 if you could?

Live life fuller. Go out more and rebel a bit.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?


Please share with us one beauty tip you have learned

Use Aloe vera for your skin

Please share a money tip

Save when you can

Please share a life lesson you have learned

Wise up about who you can trust

Tell us about your favourite recent purchase for £25 or under

Midnight blue sparkling flip flops


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