Photo by Sidharth Bhatia

Photo by Sidharth Bhatia

Name: Awele

Job Title: Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist and Trainer

What exactly is that?

I help people to regain skills they may have lost through illness or disability. When working with people in the workplace, my role is about helping people to work as efficiently and independently as possible despite the prevailing (health) issue.

How did you get there?

Following my intuition, studying, learning from various life experiences… I have a keen interest in learning and developing myself and others.

Give us an idea of a typical day for you

I’ll use today as a typical example. I woke at 6.30am and got my daughter up ready for school. I then stayed in bed till 7am, then I woke up: prayed; did my gratitude journal, read and at 8am – I watched ‘6th Sense’ on TV whilst doing my exercises.

9am – I had a speedy shower and got dressed ready for badminton. Whilst getting ready I responded to a query for an OT supervisor. The client was unavailable and asked me to ring back at 10am.

10am I rang again and had a discussion with a potential client who decided we should proceed (yay!)

10.30-12.15pm played badminton and got absolutely thrashed – but laughing and enjoying myself all the way 🙂

12.30 another shower. Had breakfast – a scone – then made some calls for work, spoke to some training partners, etc. Went shopping to buy ingredients for dinner (egusi soup). Came home, checked emails, responded to some personal calls – I am viewing property as I am seeking to move house.

4pm started cooking egusi soup. 4.15pm remembered I need to go and pick up my prescription. 5.30pm had dinner: egusi soup with pounded yam. Rested and chatted with daughter about her day at school.

It is now 7.30pm and I’m feeling especially tried and wanting to go and relax in bed, but completing this survey because Girl did Good asked me to ages ago and I don’t want to leave it any longer:)

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Freedom to be creative and innovative in generating solutions to difficult situations

What’s the one thing you would change if you could?

The consistency of referrals – sometimes it rains, and sometimes it pours… no … feast or famine.

What did you want to do for a living when you were at school?

Be a pharmacist

Tell us about one thing you were insecure about when you were at school

Being a racial minority – there was a lot of racism at my school – covert and overt.

What advice would you give yourself at 18 years old if you could?

Don’t be so work focussed. Life experience is education – travel and have diverse experiences. Be confident; if you make a mistake, it’s just an opportunity to learn and grow… no ‘biggy’.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Sing, play badminton, I’m also learning the piano and I want to buy one.

What’s the title of the last book you read?

I’m reading a collection of short stories at the mo called: ‘African Short stories‘.

Please share with us one beauty tip you have learned

Exfoliate with salt and olive oil – all over the body; your skin will be shiny, vibrant and smooth.

Share with us one money tip you have learned


Please share with us one life lesson you have learned

Count your blessings – you’ll realise how truly lucky you really are.

Tell us about your favourite recent purchase for £25 or under

My plimsolls for £6 – it’s like walking on pillows:)

How can people contact you for more information?

GDG E-book, Life after Lessons available now!

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