Visualise your Success


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Visualise your Success

Gemma Gosden

07 October 2016

Following on from our 7 Day Challenge, Girl did Good have written an ebook for you and we’re super excited about it. We’ve put lots of information together in one place that can answer questions you may have at this point in your life. Anything from what your options really are after leaving school, tips on managing your money how to relax and have a positive mindset.

Below is a section taken from the book, set to be released over the Christmas period 2016 in advance of mock exams and everything that’s to come over the next 12 months.

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Visualise Your Success

Visualisation can be a powerful tool and can help shift your mindset at a given moment. It has famously been used by many a celebrity and sports person to help with stage fright or picturing that gold medal. If you’re looking for extra confidence or focus there are some quick fire techniques out there you can use to get your brain and body into action and this is one of many.

What does success look like?

We all know the feeling when we have an exam or an interview with a school, uni or for a new job. All our hopes and dreams are riding on how successful that exam or interview is. One of the most powerful things we can do is visualise what success will look like to us and how will we know we are successful.

Imagine it Happening Your Way

Imagine yourself acing the exam, or knowing you have the interview in the bag. What will this look like? In your mind go through your day, living each moment from the time you wake up. What will you do? How will you hold your body? Who will you speak to? What will the tone of your voice be? How will other people know you are going to be successful today? What will you look like to them? What will they say to you so that you will know you are successful? How will you feel?

You might visualise yourself getting up, breathing deep and knowing that today will change your life forever. Who will speak to you? Who will greet you when you wake up? You will need to get dressed what clothes will you wear? What will they look like? How will you feel wearing them?

Other people in your house will know you are going to be successful because they will see you standing up straight, head high, shoulders back. You will look calm and confident, you will walk about with purpose and drive today.

What will this feel like? What will be happening around you? What will others say to you? What will they see? By the way you talk to your family and friends as you go about your morning routines they will know you are going to be a success today as you will be speaking and thinking clearly, the tone of your voice will be calm but confident.

How are you getting to where you need to go today? Imagine yourself doing this, what will you feel like? Knowing that you are already a success what will you be thinking? Who will you see or speak to? What do you want them to see when they look at you?

Keep it Going

Continue the visualisation with doing this journey and other key moments across your day. Imagine yourself standing, talking and being the success you already are. Take the time to think about what this would look like, what would you like other people to see?

Finish the visualisation with thinking about how you will know you are successful what will this look like? Will you be opening an envelope with exam results inside? Then picture yourself smiling and laughing and celebrating as you read the contents, or maybe you will be jumping for joy when you receive the phone call to say you got the job, or opening the email to say you have secured your place at uni.

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