What 2017 taught me

What 2017 Taught me

Gemma Gosden

08 March 2018

If you read my last post you’ll know that I had an unintentionally short break in blogging last year.

International Women’s Day 2018 seems like the perfect time to discuss it.

… about that 4 month gap in my blog posts.

Why such a long gap? Any blogger worth their salt knows consistency is the key when it comes to keeping your audience coming back for more.

It’s time to get real.

I had a baby.

Yes that’s right, a crying, screaming bundle of adorableness was born May 2017.

This was my second in fact and you know what, it’s been fucking hard to keep up with everything in my life ever since.

One is hard enough but two? TWO is bloody hard. So hats off to those mums and dads who do it alone or those of you who have more than two.

Bloody hell.

I love them more than anything and have no regrets.


If i was asking for things to be different I would ask for two stone off my middle and maybe three extra hours in my day.

Cut to October 2017

I realised I didn’t really know where I was going anymore and even if I did i didn’t have time to do it and keep my life in any sort of order.

November came and went and suddenly Christmas was here and I took it as an opportunity to give myself a break and go dark for a while.

And I mean DARK.

No social media, smart phone for texts and calls only.


It was a revelation. I loved it to start with and slowly got back into it after a while but that time with just my own thoughts (mostly at 3:30am with baby in arms and eyes only half open) helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve in 2018.

Two things happened.

1 – I became clear on what I wanted and I have never been more ambitious about my career.

2 – I decided to switch focus on what im doing and the direction I want to head in order for me to be more helpful and serve more people wherever my presence is felt.

February really is January this year

So my last post on how February is my new January really is what im doing.

I have an 11 month year to achieve my goals and im hoping you will soon get to see what im up to.

One thing i’m clear on right now is this:

2017 was a massive learning curve for me in terms of realising what I can achieve and as a result Girl did Good will be changing.

Im going to post more about me and my life in the attempt to achieve more transparency and accountability so be prepared for a few minor changes to the website and the places I post on social media over the coming weeks.

I hope you like the changes.xoxo

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