Why February is my new January

Why February is my new January

Gemma Gosden

01 February 2018

First things first.

Ok so it’s been 4 months since I last published a blog post. Yikes, that’s crazy. Or rather life has been crazy and im hoping i’ll be able to share some of that crazy very soon.

Watch this space.

It’s February 2018 already. Seriously how?

I feel like I have been sent into the future by about 6 weeks and the last thing I remember is wrapping Christmas presents, watching Elf for the umpteenth time (LOVE that film) with something highly calorific beside me.


2017 was a crazy busy year and 2018 looks set to be even busier so I may have gone slightly into hibernation mode over the holiday period at the thought of the amount of work soon to be tackled.

Even people who enjoy their jobs can become overwhelmed at times.

It’s taken me these last four weeks to really get going again and I’m still not feeling 100% there yet.

Anyone else out there feeling it too?

At times like this it’s best for me, if I can to rest and prep for what’s to come.

My solution

So instead of wasting time worrying about loosing the first four weeks of the year I have decided that February will be my new January.

Goals for the year

At the start of each year I take some time to think about what I want to achieve that year and how I plan on getting there.

I talked about it quite a bit last year.

It helps keep me on track and allows me to focus on reaching for those goals during the year instead of constantly backtracking on what I actually want.

This year is slightly different as all my goals were already planned out in December but that’s just because like I said there’s a lot going on – all good stuff ; )

So I’ve just shifted everything around so it fits in my new 11 month year and boom im good to go.

Let’s get this year started.

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