The Magic of Mindfulness

  The Magic of Mindfulness Gemma Gosden 31 October 2016 I sat on the Mindfulness fence for ages. Cautious of following everyone else when it became a ‘thing’. I struggled with meditation and could never stick to such a rigid way of clearing my mind and knew Mindfulness was supposed to be a bit less Read more about The Magic of Mindfulness[…]


  Name: Awele Job Title: Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist and Trainer What exactly is that? I help people to regain skills they may have lost through illness or disability. When working with people in the workplace, my role is about helping people to work as efficiently and independently as possible despite the prevailing (health) issue. How did Read more about Trainer[…]

Digital Connoisseur

  Name: Marianna Job Title: Vice President of eCommerce DKNY What exactly is that? I am accountable and responsible for the entire DKNY online business How did you get there? I always knew I wanted to be in fashion but not a designer, I loved art and history when I was younger but I chose to do Read more about Digital Connoisseur[…]