Sex Educator

Name: Kait Job title: Sex Educator What exactly is that? I educate women & couples about their bodies & how to be better communicators. I also help them let go of societal expectations and pressures about what their bodies, relationships, & intimate lives “should” look like. I do this through writing, teaching workshops, & 1:1 Read more about Sex Educator[…]

Celebrate in style (and on a budget)

  Celebrate in style and on a budget Gemma Gosden 21 July 2017 Woah! Where have the last 6 months gone?!? The academic year is done and people are in celebratory mode all over the place. Yay! Good times ahead, amazing memories to cherish forever. Celebrate your freedom, celebrate the summer – just celebrate! While Read more about Celebrate in style (and on a budget)[…]

How safe are you online?

How safe are you online? Gemma Gosden 24 March 2017 A few weeks ago we had a pretty serious cyber malfunction at the Girl did Good website. Somehow we had managed to pick up a virus from cyberspace which meant we had to shut down for two weeks to get it all fixed. If you Read more about How safe are you online?[…]

Update on Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Update Gemma Gosden 08 February 2017 In the run up to National apprenticeship week 2017 6-10 March 2017 we have had a look at what’s going on in the world of apprenticeships to give you a heads up on upcoming changes. What is an Apprenticeship? Not such a stupid question for those of you Read more about Update on Apprenticeships[…]

Girl did Good launches E-book, Life after Lessons

   Girl did Good are proud to say that their new E-book is here. ‘Life after Lessons’ has lots of info to help kick start a new phase in your life such as CV and interview technique, facts about money, what options are right for you after leaving full time education and loads more. It’s Read more about Girl did Good launches E-book, Life after Lessons[…]

How to think big

  How to think big Gemma Gosden 28 January 2017 Following on from our post about making goals for the year ahead I got to thinking about how big those goals actually are and how to think big in terms of what we should be reaching for in the first place. I said that this Read more about How to think big[…]


Name: Lindsay Job Title: Professor in environment and development What exactly is that? I work as a professor at a University in Leeds in the north of England. I’m involved in doing new research on environment and development issues, as well as lecturing to students studying for their degrees. How did you get there? I Read more about Professor[…]