Wanderlust part 2

Wanderlust part 2 Gemma Gosden 04 August 2017 Following on from our post last week we have more amazing travel advice and tips from Christina. Transport The 2 best flight comparison sites are: www.netflights.com  This site is best for scheduled flights such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines etc. Also well known for long Read more about Wanderlust part 2[…]


Wanderlust? Gemma Gosden 28 July 2017 When did wanderlust become such an obtainable dream? Wanderlust has become something more and more of us are taking seriously no matter where you are in your career. It’s not just something to put on your bucket list anymore, it’s something to put on your to do now list. Read more about Wanderlust?[…]

Constant re-inventor in changing life!

  Name: Emma Job title: Photographer What exactly is that? I take photos of people, places, things and then spend an inordinate amount of time on social media trying to publicise it. How did you get there? I left school with 3 really bad A’Levels in French, Spanish and English Lit. I had already been Read more about Constant re-inventor in changing life![…]


Name: Lindsay Job Title: Professor in environment and development What exactly is that? I work as a professor at a University in Leeds in the north of England. I’m involved in doing new research on environment and development issues, as well as lecturing to students studying for their degrees. How did you get there? I Read more about Professor[…]

Positive Psychology Author

Name: Amba Job Title: Author What exactly is that? I create books about finding our path in todays world. My goal is to normalise the anxieties through major life transitions and support readers using positive and practical tools. How did you get there? I’ve always loved writing and personal development, however in high school I never Read more about Positive Psychology Author[…]

Digital Connoisseur

  Name: Marianna Job Title: Vice President of eCommerce DKNY What exactly is that? I am accountable and responsible for the entire DKNY online business How did you get there? I always knew I wanted to be in fashion but not a designer, I loved art and history when I was younger but I chose to do Read more about Digital Connoisseur[…]


Name: Hannah Job title: Actress What exactly is that? I pretend to be other people. How did you get there? I began performing on stage in a band when I was 14. I left school at 16 to study singing and music technology full time. Whilst studying, I was cast in a musical and was Read more about Actress[…]

Spend more time in the wild

Spend more time in the wild! Abbie Barnes 03 August 2016 Following Katie’s recent post on how to make yourself happy, GDG have found a true aficionado on how spending time outside can help achieve this. Here is an introduction to our newest contributor at GDG. Check out her website at Song Thrush Productions for more Read more about Spend more time in the wild[…]

Police Officer

Name: Kirsty Job Title: Police Sergeant What exactly is that? I am a Police Officer who has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant. I manage teams of Police Officers who work shifts during the day and during the night protecting the public from harm and preventing crime. How did you get there? I completed my Read more about Police Officer[…]