Why you need ALL of your friends

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Why you need ALL of your friends

Gemma Gosden

21 September 2017

There are so many things we take for granted in this life, don’t let your old friends be one of them!

This time of year is subject to huge changes for a lot of people.

Anyone making the transition to university or college will currently be living the excitement of new challenges,


the feeling of finally being able to move on with their lives.

You may also be considering the fact that the people you have grown up with and possibly spent the last 7ish years together could now be at opposite ends of the country.

Yes, of course you’ll make new friends but that’s no need to forget about the old ones!

Old friends know you so well…

There is so much history there.

They’re the only ones who will remember that time when you laughed so much you peed a little bit and why you don’t like cheese on your burger and so many other things.

They have been through the good times and the bad times with you when nothing other than where you should be on a Saturday night mattered and which friends house you were sleeping over.

Make the effort, it’s worth it

The older the friend is, the easier it is to spend long periods of time apart, come together once in a blue moon and slip back into that old friendship like you’ve never been apart.

That comfortable feeling of being transported back to another time is something you should treasure and something to spur you on to make new memories with those friends.

Just because they’re not directly in your life right now, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the odd text to say ‘hey’ or that the won’t be in the future.

“Have many friends and treat them well”

This is one of our awesome quotes from our day in the life of page and couldn’t be more true.

The more friends you have the better.

If someone is bringing you down or isn’t a positive influence in your life don’t hesitate to part ways.


Try not to forget about old friends just for the sake of it, you won’t regret it.

Check in with your mates

Check out our infographic on 7 easy ways to keep in touch with your friends and share some love!

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